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Image of Walt Krueger, partner at Krueger Beck Law

Walt Krueger

Founding Partner

Image of Jessica Beck, partner at Krueger Beck Law

Jessica Beck

Founding Partner

Image of Jessica Kravitz, associate at Krueger Beck Law

Jessica Kravitz


Image of Marie Stanescu, paralegal at Krueger Beck Law PLLC

Marie Stanescu



A number of years ago Walt Krueger attended a practice management program for dentists and chiropractors in Minneapolis.

The luncheon program focused on selling your practice in a way that Walt felt would not work for lawyers because of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPCs) for lawyers.  The speaker said he thought it would.  So this conversation planted the seed for what eventually became Krueger Beck, PLLC.

After study of the RPCs, Walt concluded the best way to create value for the selling attorney and help the younger purchasing attorney, was through a partnership over several years. During this period both attorneys would work together while the younger attorney learned, grew in skills and developed relationships with the firm’s clients.

Jessica Beck was a paralegal in a Kirkland personal injury practice and had started law school.  She told her old employers (friends of Walt) that she wanted to focus on Estate Planning.  They introduced Walt and Jessica over sandwiches one day in the park. And the rest is history.

Jessica worked as Walt’s paralegal for two years while completing her law studies at Seattle University, then as an associate attorney for two years. Eight years ago they formed Krueger Beck, PLLC and the firm has prospered to the benefit of both.  The starting date for this partnership was April 1st so they call themselves The April Fools.

Most sole proprietors just close their doors at the end of their careers. But when Walt retires, he knows his clients will be well cared for under the competent hands of Jessica, and the excellent staff they have gathered in Krueger Beck, PLLC.

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