Our Expertise

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We organize and arrange for the orderly management and disposition of your affairs and assets during your life and after your death, to minimize legal and financial complications, fees, expenses and taxes.

Please read our Guide to Estate Planning first. During our initial meeting we will assess your estate planning goals and review your assets, paying close attention to how your assets are owned now and explaining how they will pass on your death. 

Bring with you a completed Estate Planning Questionnaire to our first meeting.

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We will work with you to create a living trust, in contrast to a testamentary trust which is created after your death and by the terms of your Will.

Our expertise provides you with our 45 years of experience and guidance while emphasizing ‘simplicity over complexity.’ Tell us your unique personal and financial concerns, your needs and your goals and we will help you select the most appropriate estate planning tools to accomplish your intentions.

Please read our Guide to Estate Planning for more information, and give us a call at 425-828-7800 so we can discuss the process with you. We make it simple.


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We will help you administer the deceased’s estate through the court pursuant to the terms of the will or, if there is no will, according to the laws of intestate descent and distribution.

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